Growing artists often say, “I could never make a piece that good.”  My response is, “I think you can.”  

The secret to creating a masterpiece in mosaic is thoughtful design.  Consider the composition, rendering of the form, your use of color, materials and andamento in the design stage.  Let your inner passion to create drive your design. ….THEN pull out your tools and begin cutting.

When you work in Mosaic your decisions are “set in stone”, and if made well, your work could last millennia.  You can’t add a touch of highlight or shadow at the end to make it pop, or change the color of an area as an afterthought without serious demolition and a lack of flow to your overall work.

If you’re a spontaneous artist, hate planning, find thoughts of design rigid and boring I challenge you to make one piece this year in the method I’m teaching and see if it doesn’t surpass your other work. 

The first classes in the Professional Mosaic Development (PMD) Series are underway….Andamento….Color…..Design….  Don’t miss one of the key components to your success.  And if you want it all now, or live a distance from Charlotte, enroll in the PMD Workshop — all of the key elements in a Weekend.

Set yourself up for SUCCESS and Create a Masterpiece in 2013!  I dare you…

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