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I can remember saying many times, “I don’t do micro mosaics.”  I like to work in fine detail, but don’t enjoy cutting minute pieces.  Until I actually tried real Micro Mosaics, I had no idea how fun it actually was.  To me, it feels like doing a cross-stitch or needlepoint project, stress free, relaxing…  And it’s the perfect kit project, the perfect gift for that perfect someone who has everything.

Made with thin strands of Venetian glass called Filati, these are truly little gems.  Traditional methods and materials, meet good old American ingenuity and creativity.  I love the idea of using a centuries old medium to speak in contemporary terms…behold, the “Hashtag Micro” (pictured), my ode to the love of Twitter and joy of making an impact in Social Media.

Announcing two opportunities to make a piece like these, or a design completely your own.

Intro to Micro Mosaics

Saturday, May 19  OR Saturday, June 16

10:00am – 5:00pm

Make your own Venetian Glass Micro in a custom walnut or birch frame.  All tools and materials included.

Held in my studio at Ciel Gallery + Mosaic Studio, 128 E Park Ave, Charlotte, NC 28203


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The first battlefield is the mind. We all have some mind space to conquer to get to the place of living the Overcoming Life. There are wounds in our hearts that need to be healed. There are squatters on our promised land…strongholds or sin patterns and habits that may have come through our family line or through our own bad choices that need to be eliminated one by one. There is a progression to overcoming, to get back to our original design and begin living the abundant life.

The thing that is unique about our spiritual journey compared to unbelievers using self-help or other religions using rules and fear, is that Jesus as our Commander and Chief gives us the power to overcome every step of the way. We’re not striving but receiving this great commodity called Grace that is distributed as we need it. It’s not just a word but an entity that gives us power to overcome. Receive it and choose to administer everyday.

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In your business or industry is there a really BIG EVENT or award or recognition that you dream about, or hope for, or seek? I am thrilled to announce that my mosaic, “Day 5” has been chosen from over 300 entries from 10 countries to be one of 55 pieces in the Mosaic Arts International Exhibition at the Lexington Center Museum and Gallery, Lexington, KY, Mar 2-Apr 30, 2012. In my world, THIS IS the REALLY BIG SHOW!

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I have taken a short break from writing on Transformation to focus all of my energy praying for an 8 year old girl from my church who has Stage IV cancer. Her name is Ellie Potvin. A group of us went to her home last week to pray for her healing and God was ever present. The King of Glory came to visit and left a miraculous sign of His time with us. Ellie had a sprinkling of gold dust on her head and hands. In the sweet innocence of a child she looked at her palms and said excitingly, “Glitter!” Others in the room discovered they also had this glitter in the palms of their hands. You can follow her story on her Caring Bridge site, scroll down to the May 22 entry to read about the gold dust:

Our God is a healer and no disease is too much for Him. Join with me in prayer for Ellie. We believe in miracles and know the sweet perfect love of God for his child. Let today be the day of the miraculous healing in Jesus’ name!

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God isn’t satisfied until He is holding you and embracing you with a perfect love that sees no flaws, no weaknesses, only the perfect child that is His.  If you are feeling drawn toward God, it’s because He is pursuing you.  You are not forgotten.  You matter.

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You have one more opportunity to see “Day 5″ up close and personal with it’s Best of Show blue ribbon at Ciel Gallery, in the SouthEnd District Gallery Crawl  tomorrow night from 6-9pm. Ciel Gallery is located at 1519 Camden Road, Charlotte, NC 28203. It is one of many galleries open for your walk about from 6-9pm. Family friendly or great Date Night out.  Hope to see you there!

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I was awed and amazed to realize that my piece, ‘Day 5′ won Best of Show last night in Ciel Gallery’s International Juried Exhibition, Flights of Fancy.  What an honor! There were mosaics from across the world with a diversity of styles that gave a good picture of fine art mosaic.  If you were unable to attend but live near Charlotte, NC or would like to visit there is another opportunity to see the show during the next SouthEnd Gallery Crawl on Friday, May 7 from 6-9pm as well as by appointment with the gallery.

There was a lot of interest in the meaning of ‘Day 5′ and the symbolism used and I will be unlocking the layers of meaning on this blog in a series of posts beginning soon.

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