Conceived in Passion

(Part 1 – Day 5 Layers of Meaning)

‘Day 5′ was borne out of a deep, intense sorrow that flooded over me after reading an article condemning Intelligent Design and it’s use in public education. I was sobbing with unstoppable tears for 20 minutes.  A focused sadness over teachers and children grew to extreme grief for all who do not know God and are therefore unable to see Him in all of life. Day 5 began to grow and emerge as a design that at it’s deepest bone structure was a statement for The God of the Universe as Creator, a God of Order, Perfection, Beauty and Love.

Underneath the decoration is a mathematically correct usage of tessellations that form all but a few elements of the piece.  Tessellations are shapes that perfectly fill a plane of space without overlap or gap.  The clouds and leaves and waves and fish, the land, the sky as well as the cubist form of the composition are all tessellations that tell the story of Creation from Genesis, one day at a time…

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  1. Day 5… Being able to see this piece on your blog and learning of it’s meaning to you and precise detail of this piece shows it’s deep meaning, you were going for, it has touched my heart as well. It is an amazing detailed piece that I will look at often. Again it is indeed BEST OF SHOW.


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