Deep In Him

(Part 13 – Day 5 Layers of Meaning)

If you pursue God He will show up…..up close and personal. He will sweep in and completely rock your world by His personal expression of love for you. For some reason sometimes we think the God of the Universe is too busy for us; He’s rotating the globe, expanding the universe, dealing with nations and people groups. How could He have time for me? For some reason we forget that the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in us. Christ dwells in our hearts. He will never leave us nor forsake us. The Kingdom of God is within. He has all the time in the world just for you.

This deep journey into God is shown by the still blue waters at the back right. The unexpected part is that as you come to know Him he reveals who you are. You begin to see that those childhood dreams placed inside that seemed like fantasy actually came from Him, your destiny is revealed. In this season it is one of fully laying down your life to Him but it’s not because you should, but because it’s your heart’s desire. This is a love affair in which no cost is too high. You have found treasure, The answer to life, the hole in your heart filled. This season is filled with repentance and desire for cleansing of sin, desire for habits and old patterns to be fully removed. It is a process and your cooperation and proactive yieldedness can quicken it and ease the pain. You learn with each and every step that He’s good and His plans are to prosper you not to harm you. It is a time of self reflection; a season of humbling and preparation for great works.

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