Everlasting Change

(Part 8 – Day 5 Layers of Meaning)

Spiritual Transformation starts on the inside and begins to work out on the surface of our lives through a process. This process is training and equipping, healing and empowering us to fulfill our calling on earth and in Heaven while drawing us into growing relationship with God. We know from Scripture that this process has an end in mind, to make us like Christ and to be an Overcomer and mentions multiple rewards of authority and eternal proximity to God for those who reach this point. In the Bible, Paul compares the journey to a race with a finish line and prizes.

There is only one way to get into this training program and race that causes everlasting change. We know that it’s possible to to see some temporal life change results by tapping into God’s truths and the spiritual realm outside of Jesus. But we also know that at some point in time every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. It’s possible to apply the formula of forgiveness to your life and be released from judgment in this life. There are spiritual laws of sowing and reaping that everyone, believer or not is subject to. It’s even possible to tap into the spiritual realm and see miraculous results but the end is the same. It all comes down to personal relationship with Jesus. Did you know him? If the answer is no, then the results you had on earth were your reward and the final answer is eternal separation from God.

Today’s world emphasizes political correctness and inclusivity. There is a desire to not offend and thereby paint an all inclusive God reached from every possible perspective. It may feel like a good heart is fueling that mentality but at the root of it is a carefully concealed lie, a deadly one. Jesus is the door, the gate, the narrow way, the only ‘legal’ way to the Father. Sometimes honesty can seem cruel or narrow minded but it’s sting is nothing compared to the result of following the lie. We will all know the truth eventually.

There are counterfeits out there appearing to be access to God, and the Bible tells us that they will continue to be on the rise til the end. The only way to know if they’re real or fake is to ask if Jesus is Lord and Savior of the source. For me the answer is YES!

Those of us on the journey know that the joy of knowing God intimately is beyond your wildest dreams come true. That alone is enough but with God He always gives us more than we can ask or imagine. There is so much more ahead! Hope to see you on the training field and at the finish line! Next I’ll open up the symbolism of this process as depicted in ‘Day 5′.

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