Fully Alive

(Part 7 – Day 5 Layers of Meaning)

A miracle has transpired. A complete resurrection from the dead has occurred, eternal life with God is now a reality – on earth and in Heaven. The result of the simple heartfelt decision, discussed in the last two posts, is now seen in it’s supernatural reality.

The light shining on the fish symbolizes God’s Spirit entering into this life, and creating the glow that now dwells within. The rainbow colors of the fish describe the full spectrum reality of unity with God causing the person to shine in their truest colors with their deepest desires realized. The fish is drawn to the light, moving toward God…all indecision is gone.

The shafts of light also serve to lead the viewer back to the surface into the counterclockwise flow around the tree…..which leads us to the next part….living on the surface in this new supernatural reality…

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