(Part 5 – Day 5 Layers of Meaning)

There is an amazing supernatural experience in the Christian life. It cannot be forced upon you, it only begins if from the depths of your heart you say yes, but then becomes this transformation process that is happening to you from the inside out. There is a literal metamorphosis happening to you that becomes something others can see and are drawn to even if they don’t understand why. There is a glow in your eyes and to your life that is increasing daily. But the most amazing part is that you move from believing in God to knowing Him and experiencing Him daily. This is not just a figure of speech.

It is like a discovery of treasure that is beyond your wildest dreams that just keeps growing and increasing in it’s return and is so amazing that we Christians are known for occasionally being overly pushy or in-your-face-direct checking to be sure you know about it (Him). It is real life experience with God now in this life, not just a ticket to Heaven. He is alive and desires to know you to the depth of your being and to be known.

This spiritual transformation process is the next layer of meaning in “Day 5″ and like Creation, is shown step-by-step in this mosaic. The constellation The Northern Cross is the one most prominent in this piece and is the symbolic key into the next layer of meaning. It represents the cross of Christ – the crucifixion of Jesus in which he carried all of the sins of our life upon him. He became our scapegoat – our payment for all the ways we have and will hurt others, ourselves and God through words, actions and thoughts that should have brought us eternal separation from God. Jesus took our sins with him to death and God miraculously brought him back to life released from the burden of our sins, living in a supernatural freedom and proximity to God that is also ours…a free gift of redemption – debts paid in full and new life ahead. If we believe in our hearts that Jesus died and rose again and confess with our mouths that Jesus is Lord the transaction the metamorphosis will begin. You will never be the same, you will become the truest you in connection to the one who loves you more than any other and will never leave you.

The next part of the mosaic shows the process from that decision on….

The Northern Cross

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