Miracles, Signs and Wonders

I have taken a short break from writing on Transformation to focus all of my energy praying for an 8 year old girl from my church who has Stage IV cancer. Her name is Ellie Potvin. A group of us went to her home last week to pray for her healing and God was ever present. The King of Glory came to visit and left a miraculous sign of His time with us. Ellie had a sprinkling of gold dust on her head and hands. In the sweet innocence of a child she looked at her palms and said excitingly, “Glitter!” Others in the room discovered they also had this glitter in the palms of their hands. You can follow her story on her Caring Bridge site, scroll down to the May 22 entry to read about the gold dust:

Our God is a healer and no disease is too much for Him. Join with me in prayer for Ellie. We believe in miracles and know the sweet perfect love of God for his child. Let today be the day of the miraculous healing in Jesus’ name!

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