Secret Revealed

(Part 3 – Day 5 Layers of Meaning)

If you’ve been following the series you are anxiously awaiting the answer….drumroll please…..”What element of the first five days of creation is mysteriously missing from ‘Day 5′ …or hidden through symbolism???” You have 5 seconds to answer…tick…tick…tick….

Deep masculine James Earl Jones like voice narrates….
“Light” is spoken and separation begins….darkness from light….clouds from waters below….dry land from the sea….trees and plants emerge….the starry host shines forth….fish of the sea and birds of the air spring to life and day 5 is complete.”

Day 5  Vicki Hanson-Burkhart 2010

Birds….what birds????? I don’t see any birds! Sharp observation….no birds. Creative license has been exercised by using the constellation Cygnus (Swan) as the bird of the air. If you look closely the North American Nebula sits beside the highest star to the left and the constellation Lyra sits to the lower right side of Cygnus. And you may know the smaller portion of Cygnus which is in plain view is called the Northern Cross.

Tune in next time for the next layer of meaning to be revealed….

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