Stepping Out

(Part 14 – Day 5 Layers of Meaning)

This last portion of the cycle around the tree is a season of overcoming. (Reddish brown section to left) Gradual baby steps lead to giant leaps of faith. After a time of hiddenness and molding this season feels uncertain. You desire to step out but something has changed in you along the way. You have traded in being your own boss and are now looking to God for His perfect will and timing in everything. You have learned that when He is the initiator there is supernatural reward. You’re no longer satisfied in what you alone can accomplish. When God is working, waves of exponential return flood in one after another. You’re no longer asking What can I do to succeed. Your gaze has widened to What is God up to and What is my part?

Your Daddy is God. He has a really big bank account. He knows all of the right people. He owns this great patch of property and it’s yours to explore. You are Royalty. Favor pours out before you. He lavishes gifts upon you that are forever awaiting the unwrapping of the next better part. You are moving from glory to glory and mere words can’t touch the reality.

I’m not saying that nothing bad will ever happen to you again or that you’re now on easy street sit back and enjoy the ride. Life is still a series of unexpected events but you’re no longer clueless and gasping for air in the rush of the river rapids. You now have a life vest, you know for a fact that you are safe even if the circumstances appear otherwise. You know God, you know He’s with you, you know He’s good, you trust that the course this river is making has a Divine design. You no longer look from the eyes of fear but now the eyes of a child seeking out the hidden treasures along the way.

The first step is the most difficult, make it and then take another. There is fear attached to each one which disappears like a puff of smoke with every step.

Find out what the tree represents in the next post….


  1. Lynn Moor

    What a beautifully designed and executed mosaic, with such deep and symbolic meaning. I’m enjoying reading about it’s meaning to you and look forward to hearing more.


  2. This design is really beautiful and really very good work of mosaic because it is difficult to make.

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