Something the casual onlooker may not realize is that beneath the beauty of ‘Day 5’ there is also an amazing structure. It’s not just a pretty picture of a tree. For a piece that proclaims INTELLIGENT DESIGN, first through it’s name…pointing to God as Creator depicting days 1-5 of Creation from the Bible, but also to God as creator of everything….including geometry.

The more scientists study nature and life forms, the more amazed they become as they see the flawless perfection to the Nth detail. Therefore, what better way to speak about Creation than with tessellations as the bone structure of this piece.

So what is a tessellation? Artist MC Escher discovered through his interest in crystallography, the amazing natural formation of crystals including snowflakes and rock…, that geometric shapes can be altered, moving parts of the mass from one side to another and still fit perfectly beside one another without gap or overlap. Picture a square tile floor. Each tile’s side perfectly fits the next. I used this same understanding to take a diamond shape and change it into a fish, a wave, a cloud, a leaf section….

Day 5 is packed full of original tessellations. Each wave, each fish, each cloud….fits perfectly beside the last to form the mass of waves, school of fish, cloudy sky, leafy tree…

God designed YOU. He knit you together in your mother’s womb. He knew you before you were formed. His design is flawless. His plan is perfect. His ways are beyond anything you could ever conceive.

He made you with a desire to know Him and He is waiting for the invitation from you to come into your life personally. Seek Him and you will find Him.

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