The Journey

(Part 9 – Day 5 Layers of Meaning)

We are on a progressive journey a cycle or spiral moving upward into God’s heart, a journey of knowing Him. We are growing in relationship with God, encountering Him, experiencing Him in supernatural moments and awakening to His presence in our daily lives and experientially learning that He is who He says He is in the Bible. As we meet Him we come into clarity about ourselves, who He made us to be and our life’s purpose. This journey is Spirit led and guided, the water flowing around the tree represents the journey led by the Holy Spirit.

The cycle has 4 main seasons and is one large lifetime cycle in which we are moving as well as many mini cycles, therefore the water flowing back into itself on the left. We can come to a place of completion during our lifetime. Paul expressed in the Bible that he had run the race and felt content that he had indeed finished the work that he was called to do. It is expressed as Overcoming the world and is walking in victory on earth like the early Disciples and Jesus. But as we’ve often heard, the process is the point. We are to press on toward the goal but embrace and fully experience the now.

Completing the lifetime cycle is optional. Our progress is based on desire and willingness to yield. It’s possible to remain in a season longer than necessary because of unwillingness to move on or desire to remain. But forward movement cannot be achieved by trying or striving, it’s a matter of the heart and our willingness to lay down our personal agendas and allow God’s heart to lead ours.

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