The Mind

The first battlefield is the mind. We all have some mind space to conquer to get to the place of living the Overcoming Life. There are wounds in our hearts that need to be healed. There are squatters on our promised land…strongholds or sin patterns and habits that may have come through our family line or through our own bad choices that need to be eliminated one by one. There is a progression to overcoming, to get back to our original design and begin living the abundant life.

The thing that is unique about our spiritual journey compared to unbelievers using self-help or other religions using rules and fear, is that Jesus as our Commander and Chief gives us the power to overcome every step of the way. We’re not striving but receiving this great commodity called Grace that is distributed as we need it. It’s not just a word but an entity that gives us power to overcome. Receive it and choose to administer everyday.

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