The Plot Thickens

(Part 4 – Day 5 Layers of Meaning)

There is a long story associated with the making of “Day 5″ (pictured below) that I won’t go into now but something you may find interesting is that it was made over a 5 year period. Although designed and rendered in a full scale drawing at the beginning, the construction of the piece took a mandatory siesta of sorts in the middle. What I came to realize toward the end was that there was a memoir in this piece. It was not only the first 5 days of Creation but also the process of spiritual growth that I was undergoing. And in the great humor of God the delay in completion was due to chapters of experience that I had not yet encountered and therefore needed to live before I could truly communicate them.

Spiritual Transformation is the next layer of meaning and although it chronicles my journey I believe it may serve as a GPS locator for others somewhere in the process needing encouragement, comfort and hope.

Stay tuned….

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