THE Show

We just returned from the Mosaic Arts International Exhibition (MAI) and Society of American Mosaic Artists Conference in Lexington, KY. It was an exciting time! Day 1: Large crowds of blue clad fans arrived for the U of KY vs. U of GA at Rupp Arena, Day 2: Evacuated to the first floor as tornado threats loom just hours before the Artist’s Reception “Opening” of MAI, Day 3: Masses of Girls in Cowboy boots and dresses filled the halls attending the Brad Paisley Concert, “Kentucky Crafted” filled the Convention Center.

Meanwhile hundreds of mosaicists from across the world gathered to listen to speakers, network, take classes, sell products, view the show, hang out with friends… Lots of great energy in that enormous venue and lots of great fun!

This video gives a short tour of The MAI show, the vendor booths and a quick smile from Ilana Shafir, an 88 year old mosaicist from Israel who comes to America every year to teach, speak and show her work.  She is an amazing role model for us all.  The show continues through April 27th. Make the trip to see it!

I was thrilled to discover that my piece, “Day 5″ is visible from the front window.  May MANY be drawn in to view these works of art and be impacted deeply.

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