World Changer

(Part 10 – Day 5 Layers of Meaning)
To the casual on-looker Spiritual Transformation could be confused with self-help. They both include a gradual increased state of wellness and contentment in life. The most obvious difference is the focus; self-help is all about me and my needs, the gospel is all about Jesus the change-agent who is doing the work in me and it’s goal is not for me. I am changed in order to affect you. I am changed from the inside out causing my direct connection to God to be clean, crisp and powerful impacting my encounters with you.

My desire in moving forward in the process is not so I can be more beautiful and happy, those are just by-products. I am moving forward because God’s love for the world has ruined me and I want what He wants. I want to be the purest expression of Him that is possible in my years on the planet.

There is another invisible by-product that is actually the hidden weapon. My prayers as they line up with God’s will are unstoppable. My Spiritual Authority and ability to impact people, cities, regions and nations is increasing and unshakable because it’s not about me but about my ability to hear God and see what He wants to do in situations. If you have ever been intrigued by fairy tales and superheroes and fantasies where the lead character is being used to change the world, it is because that is the hidden truth in the gospel. Jesus wants to empower you to be that character with Him at your lead.

If you’re going to undergo the work of transformation, don’t fall into the counterfeit variety focused on helping yourself. There is a world out there that needs you. You are called to be a World Changer.

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