(Part 11 – Day 5 Layers of Meaning)
The journey with God is full of paradox, mystery, ecstasy, clarity and deep places of questioning your understanding. These extremes continue throughout because God is limitless, but at the same time He is unchanging. Spiritual transformation is all about getting to know God one facet at a time and allowing ourselves to be changed from the inside out into His likeness. Our journey’s are unique but also have common seasons.

The strong waves in the foreground show the magnetism of God and our response. Once you believe, you want to know more about this three part God who is at the same time One. You attend church online or in person, may begin to read the Bible, and realize there are many others just like you and begin the journey en masse. Reading the Bible often begins as a discipline but becomes a love affair. God’s Word begins to open up to you and you’re hooked on the greatest story ever told. This season can include great boldness and childlike faith as you begin to truly see the magnitude of God. You want everything He has available to you, and as you read the Bible you realize this is one wacky book full of bizarre things….could this really be true??? Angels, demons, wheels with eyes, teleporting, leaving your body and entering Heaven in your mind….the more you read the more you want to know.

God is the author of momentum. Don’t sit down and get comfortable in the foyer there are rooms, a mansion of experiences awaiting you and calling you to explore. “But wait, there’s more you also get the Ginsu knives…”, I’m certain God was the inspiration for that line. Every time you think you got it another door opens up.

This is a season of believing and beginning to serve and beginning to get a sense of the calling on your life, why you exist. You’re consuming the Bible, and as you eat more and more suddenly you’re seeing how it applies to your life experiences. God will orchestrate your reading and life experiences to line up; giving you opportunities to try out some things you’re learning. The Bible is leading you into experiential knowledge of it’s Truth. God is drawing you into relationship with Him and calling you into the fullness of who you were made to be.

Does this sound like your Grandmother’s religion? Trust me, you’ll really want to press through the things that may seem dry and boring because the good stuff is just beyond and it’s amazing! BTW…You have to read ‘the book’ to get the grid to understand and see. There are Bible Studies and classes that can help open up your understanding that will accelerate your pace, Bible on mp3, or computer… In some way you need to be consuming The Word….it’s the way in. If you’re not reading it, then don’t be surprised if you’re feeling stagnant in your faith. You probably are. Runners take your mark.

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